Age is Just a Number in a Cougar Dating

This is not the first time everybody will see the term cougar dating. In our present time, there are lots of mature older women looking for a date hoping they can spend a night of fun or create a much stronger lasting relationship. The usual idea about cougar dating is about age and how old they are. The truth is that many men have an interest in older women and so, age alone is not essential for a good date. Let us point out some information that can distinguish cougars as a good dating partner or a better someone to be with. 

1. Not a tech-savvy partner. The younger generation is very inclined with high-tech gadgets and they hate being asked or meddled in their text, emails, apps, movies and games. When a man likes to avoid a scenario like this, an option is to date a cougar. The reason is simple, most these ladies are not that well oriented with the modern technology. They may not even have a Facebook account.

2. Can give bedroom hand-on lessons. Dating a cougar is an opportunity for a man to learn some information about bedding a woman. A man may know something about it, but additional information can give him a better performance in bed.

3. Cougars are independent. These women aged represent their life. We all know experience can teach us how to live life and most of these cougars have overcome the hardship of living. They may even share some ideas, thoughts, and experience in solving problems.

4. Less the drama or emotional tantrums. The dramas and tantrums that most young ladies have are surely mind distressing. With cougars, these dramas will probably not an issue.

5. Cougars are much smarter and wiser. Of course, experience in life made these women smarter and wiser. In terms of relationship, they can surely handle a man without getting him upset and feel burdened with responsibilities. They know what to do and know how to do it right.

6. They pass the stage of having children. Having children scares men. Just thinking about the responsibility of raising a child is enough to make a manpack and ride the cab to another place. With cougars, it’s a safe bet that no children issue will come to rise.

7. There is a feeling of being proud. Definitely a thing that man is proud of. Younger man getting an older woman. It’s a cool thing.

These are just a few of the reasons why to have a date with cougars. If curiosity strikes, visiting a cougar dating site will be a big help. The more we know about them, the better we understand how great to have a date with them.

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