Creative Ideas for Asking for a Date

Be creative

Men and women like being asked out in creative ways. To impress the person you are asking out, consider:

  • writing a email, letter or greeting card
  • sending a small gift with an invitation
  • sending them tickets to one of their favorite events
  • finding out what they enjoy doing and planning a date around their interests

The more the date is designed around their interests, the more creative they will find it…and the more likely they are to say ‘YES!’ There is some tips of creative ideas for asking someone for a date.

  • Put in the car window of the person a note saying something likes “If you like adventure, would you like to join me for hiking?”. Leave your phone number or email address on the paper

  • Buy some tickets for a concert. Simply mail your date a ticket explaining that someone “the holder of this ticket will pick you up the night of the event at a 6 o’clock ”. For confirmation, answer by email 24 hours before the event.

  • Send a message to the person by email and saying that there is a surprise waiting tomorrow for them. The next day, delivery an invitation that says “I ask for your permission to be my guess for this Saturday for a special day, a lot of fun. Please don’t forget your sport shoes”. Confirm before tomorrow 4 pm . Make plan for an outside activity on afternoon and prepare a picnic for lunch.

  • Send a telegram. You can either send the real thing or make your own and have it delivered by a friend.

  • Send an invitation for a date in pieces over a period of several days. You can send puzzle pieces who say ‘’Would you like to have dinner Friday night?”.

  • Tie two helium balloons to a board.   One is Red and says “NO”, and the other was white and say “YES” and ask to a friend to delivery it. Attach a note ask them if it would go on a “high-flying date” with you. Call them from your phone and ask them “which colors do you select”.

  • In a gift bag , you put candy.  Attach 2 notes the first one say “Guess who wants to ask you out?”  The second note say your phone number.

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