Why Older Women Like Younger Men?

Older women looking for younger men becomes more and more popular today. Who you will fall in love with and how old of the man you will love has not become the threshold of the love between men and women, more and more older women fall in love with the younger men. In the survey of “fall in love with younger men”, many people have already accepted the phenomenon of elder sister and younger brother relationship. Even 38% of the people think that, dating a younger man is beneficial to the development of sex, and promoting the harmony of the family. About 34% of the people think that the biggest problem in older women and younger men relationship is that mature women looks a little old easily. But surprisingly, 38% of the people think that the biggest beneficial is that the sex is fit for physical laws. Also it shows us people attach importance to sex in marriage life. And 35% of the people think that both older women and younger men will keep aspirant strength in marriage. In other words, most people still very valued “older women and younger man relationship”. So why older women like younger men?

Reason 1: Pure, simple life

Younger men have pure mind, just like the water, do not have so much “vulgar” impurity. First of all, beautiful older women are not short of money, do not need to find a successful rich man as the material foundation. Second, older women have capital to seek the “pure love” in their heart. But only younger men can offer this kind of pure to them.

Reason 2: Due to the maternal feelings

Women born with maternal feelings, especially mature women have deep mother’s love. They hope to find a “younger man” to release maternal feelings before having a child. They want to find a younger, weaker man to love and take care of.

Reason 3: Psychological

Generally speaking, women need to get some sense of security in marriage. There will be less sense of security when women married to young men. However, “Young man” knows emotional appeal, his occasional surprise and romantic will let the woman feel very happy and contented. Because the man is “young”, so man’s attachment let a woman be in the initiative in the balance of life. Which, in turn, will bring a woman more security – her security does not come from man’s support, but from her own ability.

Reason 4: Successful woman wants an obedient man behind

Generally, unmarried mature women not only have high culture but also have successful career, or have both. This kind of women is very proud. How is that possible they find a more successful man to make themselves uncomfortable? Therefore, they find a younger man as pet. They are satisfied by men’s envy and admire eyes, sometimes they are encouraged by men’s affirm.

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